Truck Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for Hollywood which is a must see place for tourist and locals alike. The city is very popular around the world. It is also known for its tremendous traffic daily. The number of vehicles plus the trucks is the reason of heavy traffic. Trucks come from Long Beach and San Pedro ports. Because of these, accidents often happen on Los Angeles roads.

The victims of road accidents caused by trucks are usually the other cars that got hit or bumped along the way. Because of the size of the truck and its speed, the injuries caused are very severe.

These trucks are always in a hurry to meet their schedule. Some trucks prefer to go fast to deliver more products in a shorter span of time. The stress involved in driving a truck can be unimaginable for normal drivers. The long hours and minimal sleep all eventually contribute to accidents.

An eighteen wheeler truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds which mean it can cause serious damage to any car it comes in contact with. The medical expense will be very costly for the injured party. That is why a personal truck accident attorney Los Angeles should be hired. Their specialty will be able to help the case find negligence from the truck driver.

Here are the common factors why there are accidents on the road from truck drivers:

1. The driver’s fatigue level

2. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

3. Driving too fast

4. Tailing too close – This is when the truck is too close to emergency stops.

5. Inexperienced drivers

6. Loss of control – This usually is from trucks that are too heavy and can be difficult to control when going at certain speed.